In my world, I have the privilege of meeting amazingly passionate and dedicated professionals trying to make the world a better place. I am also lucky enough to know a lot of ‘regular’ people that want to do good, but are frustrated by the lack of opportunity to make real change on these mega issues within their already busy lives.

This is where I get super excited about the potential of social media. Admittedly, at one point I was a “I’m eating oatmeal for breakfast” kind of poster, but now I am trying to be a little more thoughtful about my posts – making sure that I am sharing news my friends and family might actually find as interesting as I do. Social media, if we use it wisely, has the potential to allow us to educate each other on the topics that are most important to each of us.

The idea of philanthropic snacking through social media allows us to be more aware of a broader set of issues, to focus on those issues that are most impactful to our immediate world, and to make personal change in our lives based on that relationship. It’s not about someone else’s soapbox and their mission, but rather how an issue relates to me, my family, and the world I care about.

Let’s not be afraid to share those issues we are passionate about, you never know who else might share your passion.