We are proud to have partnered with one of our current clients, Hotels for Hope.  They are a shining example of a strategic social enterprise; as a for-profit company, Hotels for Hope provides industry-leading hotel brokerage services and responsive technology to its clients while impacting the lives of children through charitable giving.

Let me elaborate. Picture a music lover traveling to Chicago for Lollapalooza. They buy their festival passes and can immediately search for a hotel room. Because Hotels for Hope partners with the festival provider (C3 presents) to provide discounted hotel rooms from the same hotel brands found on popular travel booking sites.  The music lover gets a great room at a great deal, and feels integrated in the Lollapalooza experience. But, it gets better, because she booked her rooms through Hotels for Hope, her hotel stay equates to giving back to children’s charities at NO additional cost. This music lover is sold! Our traveller gets the hotel she wants with a warm fuzzy to boot.

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That, my friend, is called strategy. It’s through working with CEO of Hotels for Hope, Neil Goldman, and his stellar team that my expectations for corporate social responsibility and social alliances have elevated.

Speaking of elevating, brand elevation has been our fo

cus during this engagement. Hotels for Hope is the epitome of professionalism and service. Too Good Strategy is positioning Hotels for Hope, through a re-imagined digital strategy, as a key player in the hotel brokerage market.

Similar to how Hotels for Hope connects with clients, hotels, and charities, how we connect with Hotels for Hope is crucial. There’s no cookie cutter answer to how to do this. So for now, I’ll equate social alliances to one of my favorite pastimes: shoe swapping. As cliché as it sounds, walking in someone else’s shoes gives you insight into who they are, what they do and how they do it. Without knowing someone, a partnership is impossible. I’ve decided to make shoe swapping more than a pastime, but a craft to perfect. By the way, nice shoes!