An agency for change agents is what Too Good Strategy is all about. Lately, I’ve been reflecting on the essence of the biz. Like many of you, agency usually yields one of two reactions within me: excitement and/or fear.

When a team of experts works together, shares ideas, and collaborates to produce a polished final product on a million dollar budget, excitement is the emotion that energizes creatives, clients, and consumers. Excitement is what kept me traveling from one airport to another and living out of a suitcase. Excitement is what kept me responding to RFPs, pitching multi-year ideas and sitting in endless status meetings. Excitement is what kept me showing up early and staying late. My fifteen years of agency life was exciting and exhausting. There’s no do overs and no time for failures. Ideas are flowing, money rolling and new business approaching—the possibilities seemed endless. But were they?

Before I make a generalization, let me preface my opinions on the A-word by saying, all agencies are different. Too Good Strategy functions as an agency. I depend on my team, new business opportunities, a collaboration of ideas and the energy overflowing from my clients and colleagues. We work on multiple projects with fast deadlines and focus on giving the best to our clients. We believe nonprofits and social enterprises should have the same level of care as big corporations. In my experience, unfortunately, these groups that are changing the world often can’t afford big agency budgets.

Reaction number two? Fear. Fear of failure didn’t lead me away from big agencies, but fear of façade did. My desire to better the world around me was hiding underneath billable hours, and my fear of not contributing to the lives of others led me to make a change. In this case, fear was a good thing…too good.

Excitement and fear are rarely mutually exclusive. Today, I have both. Excitement pushes me to do my part in improving lives and fear that I’m not doing enough causes me to keep working; but what really keeps me going is that I witness positive changes and get to work with change agents. And that’s what Too Good is all about.