My name is Claire Groff.  I’m a marketing intern at Too Good Strategy.   I have been working extensively studying social media not only at work, but also in my public relations classes at the University of Texas at Austin.  If you haven’t hopped on the social media bandwagon yet, you’re not in.  And if you’re not in – you’re out.  If your nonprofit isn’t engaging in social media activities, you are missing a huge chunk of the young population (the millennials).

So why should you use social media to get ahold of 20-somethings like my friends and me?  I put together the top 4 reasons social media is immeasurably important for a nonprofit organization.

#1: We don’t like advertisements.

Spending money on a TV commercial is not the way to get our attention; we just record our shows and fast-forward through them anyway.  Don’t try putting a commercial before a viral YouTube video either.  We will watch the first three seconds, but that’s only because we are forced to.  Honestly, the best way to get us to pay attention is by infiltrating what we are already interested in.  When we’re scrolling through our Facebook newsfeeds and see a compelling nonprofit ad, we read it.  If you use social media as more of a conversation, we will feel like you are taking with us rather than at us.

#2: We are into what our friends are into

If a friend retweets something from a nonprofit they are passionate about, we will read it and probably even do some research into the organization.  Why?  Because we trust our friends and like hearing what they have to say.  If you can use social media to get into our network, we will pay attention.

#3: We love being advocates

Trust me, the only thing milennials love more than being trendy is setting the trend.  We want people to listen to us and think that we discovered the hot new thing.  When we discover something a cool nonprofit posted to social media, we want nothing more than to become a mouthpiece and share it with our friends.

#4: We want to be heard

When nonprofits engage in social media, it gives them a chance to listen.  Whether it’s praise or criticism, it is important to know what we think because we can be so instrumental in its success.  We want people to listen and social media gives us a platform to share our opinions.

Social media is so important if you want to be in contact with milennials like me.  We are easy to access because we are actively seeking the information and want to engage.  Social media allows nonprofits to quickly and easily spread a message to a willing audience.