2013 was an incredible year for Too Good Strategy.  We’ve worked with great clients on new and innovative projects.  Through our strategic partnership with ACTIVE Life, we helped grow IT’S TIME TEXAS by crafting a program to help schools fundraise for healthy projects and programs.  We worked with Hotels for Hope to redesign their web presence and build mission-aligned partnerships.  We added new clients in 2013, including ECHO, for whom we created a new web presence by replatforming, restructuring, and redesigning their website. We also began working with  TOMS on a content strategy project that allows the full breadth of their giving story to be told in a rich and engaging way.

We are really looking forward to some of the new opportunities coming up in 2014.  We have already added new clients looking to deepen their reach and mission through digital as well as working with existing partners on new programs including mobile apps.  We are committed to always being new and innovative, never just doing more of the same.  It’s about revolutionizing the models we use and keeping them fresh, all in the name of making the greatest impact.

Watch out 2014, Too Good Strategy is inspired, and this is our year to help you be audacious!