Here at Too Good Strategy, we are excited to announce a new 2014partnership.  We are proudly working with Marathon Kids!

Marathon kids running for a healthier future (credit: Marathon Kids)

Marathon Kids is a program that works toward an important goal – to inspire children to live healthier lives.  They achieve this by challenging school-aged kids to run or walk 26.2 miles over six months, eat healthy food daily, and even learn to grow natural foods in school gardens.  The program has been implemented in both private and public schools  in Austin as well as in many other cities across the country.

One of our challenges within this project is utilizing technology and other digital tools to help kids stay engaged in their marathon challenges while creating a deeper connection with parents and teachers.  This may seem counter-productive, but it really is not.  We live in a digital world, but that doesn’t mean we can’t merge it with an active lifestyle.  We are going to work with Marathon Kids to use technology in accordance with the organization’s values of healthy eating and exercise to help enhance and transform their program.

This project is especially close to the hearts of two of Too Good Strategy’s team members because they too believe in promoting a healthy lifestyle through eating well and exercising.  Founder, Tiffany Galligan, and marketing intern, Claire Groff, both ran in races this past weekend.  Tiffany participated in the Austin 3M Half Marathon and Claire in the Chevron Houston Marathon.

Tiffany (R) after completing the Austin 3M Half Marathon.

Tiffany (R) after completing the Austin 3M Half Marathon.


Claire (R) after finishing the Chevron Houston Marathon.

Tiffany, Claire, and the rest of the Too Good Strategy team will be working with Marathon Kids over the next few months to update their digital presence and merge their technology needs with their fitness and health goals. Here’s to marathons for everyone!