Too Good Strategy’s marketing intern, Claire, attended a Youth Nonprofit Network (YNPN) event in February featuring Courtney Clark.  Courtney calls herself a “speaker, survivor, and optimist.”  She is the self-proclaimed luckiest unlucky person in the world.  At the age of 26, Courtney was diagnosed with and survived melanoma and five years later underwent several brain surgeries to combat an aneurysm.

Courtney’s presentation focused on the fact that giving back to others helps when someone has undergone any kind of trauma.   This finding has been proven by Courtney’s post-graduate research.

Among other benefits, giving back after being a victim of trauma gives a person a “helper’s high,” a sense of purpose, and the personal power to see themselves as more than just a victim.  In fact, trauma survivors are more philanthropic than the general population.

Courtney founded Austin Involved, an organization that gives young Austinites opportunities to be involved in philanthropy.  Courtney says that very often, young people want to get involved, but don’t know where to start.  This group gives them a chance to discover, do, and donate in meaningful ways as a cohesive group.

Courtney Clark’s newest book (credit: Amazon)

At the end of her presentation, Courtney raffled off one of her book, “The Giving Prescription – A Personal Plan for Healing through Helping.”  Claire was lucky to be the winner and looks forward to reading it and sharing its message on the blog!