In an increasingly social world, consumers are now more connected than ever.

Combine that with the fact that there is a content surplus in the marketplace and people have major attention deficit due to the billions of marketing communications pushed to them every day, it makes it even harder to reach your audience with your message. This is why converged media is important to your brand’s content strategy.

What is converged media?

Broadly speaking, it is the merging of various media forms into one platform for purposes of producing a dynamic experience. Converged media brings together paid, owned, and earned media to tell more compelling stories to consumers.

Why is a converged media strategy important?

  • People must see, hear, and interact with a marketing message about 3-5 times before they will begin to believe what they are being told. The best way to gain consumer trust is to use diverse forms of media with complementary messages.
  • By leveraging earned media, and presenting it within your owned channels, you are encouraging people who believe in your brand to become brand advocates on your behalf.  You also allow those people who love your brand to assist in telling your brand story.
  • Your messages must be authentic and sincere.  People can see straight through marketing speak.  You must give people a reason to connect with your brand that is meaningful in their personal life and memorable enough to be shared with their friends.

In order to stay current in the changing media landscape, your digital strategy plan should include integrating and aligning paid, earned, and owned media. According to the Altimeter Group, marketers who fail to learn to merge paid, earned, and owned media today will be at a clear disadvantage and will likely find themselves struggling to attempt to catch up.

If approached correctly, brands can achieve outstanding results and build influential content channels that not only meaningfully increases brand awareness, but also creates community support and ultimately action.

Too Good Strategy looks at your organization’s overall content strategy to create a solid converged media plan that bolsters owned media, helps create strategies for earned media, and plans for paid media. Drop us a line to tell us how we can help you create a successful converged media plan.