Stories are a vital part of creating understanding and bringing people together in order to promote the greater good. TOMS is a client of ours whose business thrives on truly living out their brand story, which is centered on the idea of Improving Lives.

For us to effectively help TOMS tell their story we first had to have a firm grasp in how they went about giving such precious commodities to those in need. Improving Lives begins with one seemingly simple character: shoes. For every pair of TOMS Shoes that are purchased, another is given to a person in need. This is known as the TOMS One For One idea. Alongside shoes, there are three other major characters to this wonderful story: sight, water, and safe-birth. TOMS Eyewear gives people prescription glasses, sight-saving surgery, and ocular medical treatment. With every TOMS Roasting Co. Coffee bag purchased, a week’s supply of clean water is given. TOMS Bags purchases deliver the equipment and training necessary for mother’s to safely give birth to their children.

Our vision was to help TOMS tell this story as efficiently as possible in a way that reached the most people. We had to pinpoint the audience we would be telling this story to and how we could adjust the characters and crucial details in a way that allowed each recipient the chance to resonate with the story. We were not just responsible for telling this story to the average shoe consumer looking to help someone in need with their purchase, but also the people whose lives were being improved through the buy one give one process, which is the heart of the TOMS idea.

We began the story with TOMS four central characters. We explained who they are and what they do in relation to the consumer. From there, we moved into the explanation of how the One For One model is developed and how it is kept alive by individuals throughout the globe. We connected not only with people looking to make a purchase, but with people looking to make a difference. Following this, we listed the four major steps to making everything come together: Purchase, Plan, Support, and Give. The simplicity of it all is how we were able to effectively tell the TOMS story without confusion in the process. We laid out the idea, formulated it to be clear, and then left it in the hands of the consumer to do with the information as they see fit.

Each aspect of this one-for-one idea is crucial towards the grander story of Improving Lives. TOMS is not simply charity work and it isn’t just a business. It is a melting pot of the two in the way that they create products people want, and give those same products to people who truly need them. At Too Good Strategy, the story of Improving Lives was one we were honored to help tell.