ayr_logo_bp1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer at some point in her lifetime. 1 in 67 will develop ovarian cancer. Those facts may be staggering – but fortunately, Bright Pink has created a tool to be proactive about early detection and assess your risk of developing these cancers.

The Assess Your Risk tool is a quiz that takes you through a series of questions in order to measure your risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer. It gives greater insight into helping you figure out how to reduce your risk and live a healthier life today. The tool takes family history, medical history, and lifestyle factors into account and offers deep levels of personalization with logic. AYR also goes deep into whether one should consider undergoing genetic testing, and why. Too Good Strategy worked closely with the staff of Bright Pink to develop this web app to accurately describe to women their risk for breast and ovarian cancer based on an intricate combination of personal, family, and lifestyle factors. 

Bright Pink encourages women of all ages and backgrounds to take control of their bodies and their lives and not leave anything up to chance. Assessing your own level of risk is the first step when it comes to taking charge of your breast and ovarian health – and this tool helps you do exactly that.

Too Good Strategy and Bright Pink worked together to create an informative experience to help women measure their risk levels, understand the implications, and determine next steps to take. The Assess Your Risk tool equips women with the information to beat the odds of developing cancer and proves that knowledge really is power.